1.1 Name of equipment: Fluorescent Magnetic-Particle Inspection System;
1.2 Model: MT-2000A;
1.3.MT-2000A Fluorescent Magnetic-Particle Inspection System is semi-automatic bench type fluorescent magnetic-particle crack detection equipment. It is mainly composed of magnetization power source, electrical control system, clamping and magnetization system, transport system, magnetic suspension spray & recovery system, fluorescence lamp and inspection room. It is specially used for detecting minute defects and/or discontinuities by the wet magnetic-particle method on the tooth’s surface and near-surface arising from such factors as poor materials, forging, casting, quenching, processing and material fatigue.

The equipment adopts two operation modes: manual and automatic mode and is controlled centrally by Simens programmable logic control(PLC). Under manual mode single-step operation of each function can be carried out; under automatic mode, the equipment will automatically perform the internal program of PLC. The process: manual loading→automatic transport → automatic spraying → automatic combined magnetization → manual inspection. AC magnetization source is equipped with power failure phase control and has higher stability of residual magnetism, which can be used in fault detection by both the continuous method and residual magnetism method. Combined magnetization can create an overlapped field on a work piece and display magnetic track once only with higher detection efficiency. 

This fixture boasts for its high level of automation, high detection efficiency, low labor intensity and high reliability.

Stainless steel tank
Siemens PLC
Streamline sourcing,serivce and maintenance.
Fast,consistent inspections.

3. Standards
GB3721-83;HB/Z72-1998; GJB2028-2007; JB/8290-2005;ASTME1444,MIL-6867C.